Meet Vents Dublin, 25, a local Artist to the Bernard Shaw making a living from Graffiti.

So Vents, when & where did you first get started? 

I painted my first ever piece in 2008 on some boards in the lane behind the Bernard Shaw. A couple of years later I was invited in to paint the walls on the inside of the beer garden with some of the older heads at the time.

Ah so the lads got you started, do they still inspire you now?

Inspiration tends to vary from time to time but I think it’s a mixture of the people I paint with,  crew members, the scene here in Ireland & international writers I look up to. As well as writers I’ve had the pleasure to see paint at the All City Jam’s .

RevokRime, Ces, SirumDopeSkore79, Meds, PealOminRaskPartOne, Kem5VansTheOmegaAches, Kak, Bonsai, Jor etc would be a few that i’d i’d always look at

Writers & street art has shaped and changed the Shaw throughout the years, and vice versa I guess. What’s been your highlight painting here over the years?

The Shaw has had so many unreal writers from all over the world paint there over the years, but I think my favorite memory would be when Sirum painted the main wall with the Foes Crew (pictured below)



If you could collaborate with anyone here, who would it be?

I’ve been a big fan of integrating graffiti pieces with Photo-Realistic / Tonal character work, like the piece Insane51 & Tones painted at an event in Greece in 2016. With that said, I’m lucky enough to be down in UPC with Harry Bones so hopefully i’ll get a chance to go out to Barcelona and do something with him. Other then that I’ve always wanted to paint a wall with Saturno (BCN)


So you’re involved in a lot of project-based work within the Irish art scene, making a living off Graffiti here. What’s been your favourite project?

Abroad it would be The Roskilde Festival, I had the opportunity to paint there in 2016 thanks to Danleo. Within Ireland it definitely have to be the All City Jam! I’ve been at that event every year since it began, to see it grow and transform over the years has been amazing to watch. I love how it brings international writers as well as writers from all over the country together. The planning among writers, the competitiveness and the excitement on the run up to the jam does it for me.


So what’s your buzz for the future?

My main focus is always to travel and paint as much as possible. From a work perspective, I’m currently working on a collaborative project for the Beatyard festival in Dun Laoighre as well a couple of large scale community orientated pieces in the North Inner City Dublin.

Catch Vents paint at the Shaw Space, top floor of the Terminal Building, Saturday & Sunday of Beatyard

Beatyard 2018
August 3rd–5th
Dun Laoghaire Harbour
The Jacksons, The Wailers, The Family Stone, Kamasi Washington, Django Django, Daphni, Orbital, St Germain, Kiasmos and many more…