On Sunday of the Beatyard festival, [ and the Monday after it finishes] we’re bringing in a new idea. We will give everyone who volunteers 1 hour of their time to helping us sort out our waste into different recycling categories, a free ticket to the festival that day.

The main issue we have had with waste over the years was not cleaning it up, but organising the waste into the correct containers, and bags, so that nothing gets spoiled, and the waste we put away can be efficiently recycled or wasted in the correct format.

So for 2019, on the Sunday + Monday

How it works…. 

You fill in your contact info below

We’ll mail you the meeting point + info 3 weeks before the festival.

You will be meet there, and put into a team, with a specific but simple job we need you to do for 1 hour of your time

You get 1 free Sunday ticket for that work you do on Sunday, or …. a ticket for the festival for 2020 if your there on Monday.

[ Ps, if you came to the festival on Saturday, and do the above, you can go on Sunday for free ]


That sound fair ? You don’t show up, or late – no ticket . Do the work, get the ticket.

Warning : Its not gonna be easy work, nothing worth doing is, so it your a lazy deck worker, or don’t have a good interest in the environment, this is not for you. On the other hand if you are both, get in touch, we’d love to have you on board the HMS Greentonic Beatyard 🙂

[ there is a limited number of places ]