Welcome to Kidsyard!

We have various areas & activities for kids this year, but its not strictly one exact area. We have one area on the First Floor of the Terminal Building, the other is in the outside arena.

  • Imaginosity – fun, frolics and festivities for the young cadets with Giant Geometrics, Jammin Jellyfish & Funky Fish workshops
  • Food & Snacks – treats nearby for refuelling kiddies & coffee on hand for parents to refuel
  • Baby changing Facilities & Accessible Toilets – in the terminal building on the first floor
  • Buggyyard – to keep all those buggies safe while at play
  • Face Painting – nautical face painting
  • Coder dojo – skillful & fun coding workshops for all the ‘Ninjas’
  • Dabbledoo Music – fun animation & graphics to help kids of all ages learn about music
  • Adventure Rooms – work together to get out of mysterious puzzles
  • Back 9 – games inspired by one of our pubs, mini golf & much more
  • Spiralites – Geometric patterns & high speed chaser effects using LED hula hooping
  • Balloonyard – nautical balloon making in the arena
  • Legoyard – a lego sized version of Beatyard, tiny people in a tiny festival
  • Devoted to Cakes – Cookie making workshops – tasty
  • Gigantic Piano
  • Gigantic Snakes & Ladders
  • Hopscotch

Friday kicks off at 4pm, Saturday and Sunday start from 12pm onwards.

Please note parents & adults are responsible for their kids and must accompany them at all times. Adults need their own adult ticket to enter festival.

We recommend you bring protective headphones for kids, particularly toddlers as the main stage will have high volume.

Babies 0-2 go Free | Kids 2-15 €5 Day [ must be accompanied by parent] | Adults €59 Day, €150 Weekend