Kidsyard Spotlight – Me and The Moon

Me and The Moon’s mission is to provide an uplifting experience for children in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Their process-led art workshops encourage creative play and ‘happy accidents’.

All workshops are coordinated by experienced professionals in a safe and structured manner. Children learn fundamental inter-disciplinary skills in; Paint, Print, Collage, 3D Construction, Clay, Animation and Typography.

Me and The Moon Founder, David Fortune, and co-founder, Sheena Fortune, are interested in the development of the child’s imagination, creativity and confidence.  Children create work unique to themselves, rather than replicating the teacher’s sample. They work with teaching professionals who share our passion and commitment to creating a welcoming and happy creative space for children.

Children of all ages are welcome to get stuck in and explore their own creativity all weekend long 🌞

Check out our Youtube and Spotify Playlists here.