Ecobricks – The story of a greener festival

This is just a little blog post about what we are doing with Ecobricks. We are trying to make our festival be as green as possible so if you have any ideas at all please get in touch.

And now, on to the Ecobricks. Where did it all begin? In general as a company we try to be as environment as possible. Without tooting our own horn, we have had some pretty successful initiatives such as “Bin it to win it“. We started that one because one of our venues The Bernard Shaw is beside a canal, and on sunny days the canal would be jam packed and people would leave their cans behind (in fairness there was not a lot of bins, but still). So we came up with a plan, if you filled up a bag with cans from the canal, and bring it to us, we will give you a free pint. Everyone wins!

Can collecting legends:

After the success of Bin it to win it, we went in search of more ways to be eco friendly, and one of the lads in the office suggested Ecobricks as his mum was already making them (shout out to Trish!). She had come across them online through the Seal sanctuary who was collecting them, and then on to Reuzi who was also collecting them.

Our very first one:

We put out a message online that we were looking for them, and low and behold they started pilling in! We agreed to accept a full (this is very important! there are strict rules for them you can see here) ecobrick in exchange for a pint. We have gotten around 300 so far.

Include 5(!) from Jeff

Loadza bricks aye!

The first project was to build a DJ stage out of them. We plan on mounting it on wheels and cycling it from town out to the festival. here’s how it is going so far:

Next up we are thinking of building a greenhouse, or furniture for the festival. Or do you have any suggestions? We are open to anything!

Here is a bonus pick of our urban farm. Trying to make them in as many of our venues as possible. This one is in The Bernard Shaw

Sure get in touch if you have any ideas, or know how we might make the festival more green 🙂

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