We like to help out in anyway we can with the local community / environment here at Beatyard. If you have an idea how we can help – get in touch here

Some examples so far:

Donating tickets to Laura Lynn House

Carers go free – if you have a carer, & are coming to Beatyard – send us an email and we will arrange for them to get in for free

Collecting money for RNLI lifeboat service at festival

Tickets donated to CBC Monkstown Zambia Immersion Project raffle

Local businesses who put up our poster get tickets to the festival – get in touch here if you are a local business!

Bin It To Win It

In 2018 we ran our Bin It To Win It campaign at Beatyard.

The concept was simple, collect a bin bag from any of the bars, fill it with plastic pint glasses, bring it back to the designated recycling point, have a pint on us!

In 2019 we’re looking to progress and make the festival more sustainable. Have any ideas, shoot us a message. If the idea is good enough, and something we put into action, there might be a couple of tickets in it for you ๐Ÿ™‚


Leave No Trace

We are determined to make sure all of our waste is recycled correctly, in to the correct bins. If this is something you would like to help us with, if you give us an hour to help, we will give you a ticket to the festival. More info here.


A new initiative we’re starting across all of Bodytonic. We go through massive amounts of non-biodegradable waste. We’ve reduced our usage as much as we can, but some of it you just can’t avoid. That’s why when we heard of Ecobricks we knew we HAD to try em’ out – #greentonicย anyone?


We’ve literally hundreds of Eco Bricks now via our campaigns at the Bernard Shaw and the Lighthouse so we’re looking for people to help build something artist, creative, productive out of them! Any interest in this? If you are or know someone and can propose a good idea, then get in touch and come into the Bernard Shaw or Lighthouse this week to collect & build something – and we’ll sort you a festival ticket? Art installation, furniture pieces, your call, if we like the idea, its in. If your interested, mail us back here, but get your applications in ASAP!

Our aim is to make and collect as many Ecobricks as possible and build a DJ riser out of them before the beginning of the festival. For each 2L Ecobrick we’ll give you a pint token for the bar – Simples!

Here is the work in progress, loads collected so far ๐Ÿ™‚


1) Save dry, clean, non-biodegradable, non-recyclable materials such as foil from tea bags, crisps and sweets, old photos, styrofoam bits, fruit & veg plastic wrappers, wax paper, cling film, plastic tags, packaging stickers and tape

2) Find clean 1.75ml or 2L fizzy drink bottles with a lid

3) Use a stick or the skinny side of a wooden spoon to press the waste into the bottle
4) Fill the bottle tightly to the top with compressed matter (it should feel really robuts)

5) Put the lid back on and pat yourself on the back – you have just built an ecobrick!

DROP IT OFF at The Bernard Shaw and have a pint on us x

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