We are adding a 3rd smaller stage called The Lighthouse (named / presented by our permanent gaf in Dun Laoghaire.) It’s going to filled with crowd interaction & fun like that. We have everything from TBL8 brass band, to improv comedy, to big karaoke singalongs. Should be great craic.


Details and who is playing:

Saturday Lighthouse Stage

12.00 – DJ Fresher Than Prince
13.50 – DJ Fresher Than Prince
15.00 – Electric Dream
16.15 – Electric Dream
17.30 – Acid Granny
19.00 – Sing For Your Dinner
20.45 – Sing For Your Dinner

Sunday Lighthouse stage

12.30 – DJ Fresher Than Prince
14.00 – DJ Fresher Than Prince
15.15 – Malaki
16.30 – TBL8 Brass Band
18.00 – Pro Wrasslin’
19.30 – Sing For Your Dinner
21.00 – Sing For Your Dinner

Beginning in 2016, The Midnight Disco is about showcasing talent locally and further afield, that is often over looked.

They put on parties with their friends, for their friends.

Previous guests include : K-HAND, Sofay, anu, Donna Leake, Pender Street Steppers, Ploy, LK / Viers, Barry Redsetta, Cáit, Sage, Wino Wagon and Olan O’Brien.
The Midnight Disco will host Sunday’s boat party at 2.45pm ⚓

Check out 5 songs you’ll be sure to hear 👇👇

Tickets here

The Spirit Of Love – The Power Of Love

Medlar – Paloma

Sugababes – Overload

Chris Stussy – Crate Diggin

The Juan MacLean – Happy House

Sweet Churro has grown from the love that two Venezuelan business women have for Churros. Using their shrewd business sense, they noticed the lack of Churros in the Irish market. They decided to avail of this opportunity and make the first-ever and finest homemade Churros available in Ireland.

Sweet Churro are bringing again their delicious vegan churros and sweet crepes all weekend long 🌞

If you know anything about house music then you’re bound to have come across Tom and Ian Griffiths’ sensualistic disco-matic sound. These Bristol based boys have been slamming the decks with some of the strongest creative and cerebral four-to-the-floor music for close to four years now.

Check out our top 5 tunes below & catch em Sat 3rd 👇




King Kong


Grandmaster Flash, the godfather of Hip-Hop and founder of many DJ Techniques, released this debut album in 1982, with cult classics like ‘The Message’ becoming synonymous with the foundation of early Hip Hop. We can’t wait to relive the 80’s this August.

District is Ireland’s point for alternative music & culture. It is a digital & physical magazine that focuses on the internal and external creative influences on Ireland that make it culturally significant. Their magazine is published quarterly.

District Mag will host Saturday’s boat party at 5pm ⚓

Check out 5 songs you’ll be sure to hear 👇👇

Tickets here

UGK – international players anthem

Tyler, The Creator – I Think

Sade – Your Love Is King

Anderson .Paak feat. Kendrick Lamar – Tints

Prince – baby I’m a Star

Bonus Track: Enya – Orinoco Flow

Emerging from the South Bronx in the early 1970s, Grandmaster Flash is inarguably one of Hip Hop’s original innovators. In the earliest days of the genre, he manipulated music by placing his fingers on the vinyl, perfected beat looping, and discovered many of the most iconic beats still commonly sampled today. It’s no surprise that The New York Times calls him Hip Hop’s first virtuoso.

The music of the 1970s fueled the rise of Hip Hop, but much of that decade’s influence has been lost to time. With access to archival master recordings, images, and videos from the vaults of the major record labels, Grandmaster Flash’s live show is a celebration of Hip Hop’s most formative decade.

Grandmaster Flash was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007, becoming the first hip hop act to be honored. This year he won the Polar Music Prize, often called “The Nobel Prize“ for music.

Today, he’s the voice of an entire generation of 1970s hip hop pioneers. From his electric live shows, to his production role on Netflix’ The Get Down, Grandmaster Flash is at once a historian, a storyteller, and a cultural force.

Check out our top 5 favourite tunes & catch him playing Sat 3rd ⚓️🌞

The Message

White Lines



It’s Nasty

Me and The Moon’s mission is to provide an uplifting experience for children in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Their process-led art workshops encourage creative play and ‘happy accidents’.

All workshops are coordinated by experienced professionals in a safe and structured manner. Children learn fundamental inter-disciplinary skills in; Paint, Print, Collage, 3D Construction, Clay, Animation and Typography.

Me and The Moon Founder, David Fortune, and co-founder, Sheena Fortune, are interested in the development of the child’s imagination, creativity and confidence.  Children create work unique to themselves, rather than replicating the teacher’s sample. They work with teaching professionals who share our passion and commitment to creating a welcoming and happy creative space for children.

Children of all ages are welcome to get stuck in and explore their own creativity all weekend long 🌞

Reggae heroes, The Congos are a vocal group from Jamaica which formed as the duo “Ashanti” Roy Johnson and Cedric Myton, later becoming a trio with the addition of Watty Burnett.

Check out our 5 favourite tunes & catch em Sun 4th by the Sea ⚓️🌞


Heart of The Congo Man

Don’t Blame it on I

Ark of The Covenant

Open Up The Gates

Jungle’s debut album hits it’s fifth anniversary this July, but it certainly doesn’t feel that way, packed full of funky beats reminiscent of 80’s Britpop, earning itself the top spot in the UK Independent Album Charts upon release, and a shortlist for the 2014 Mercury Prize.

Topped off with stunning visuals and the band’s ultracool vibes, the album is sure to stay on repeat all summer long!