This year at Beatyard we’re upping our #Greentonic anti.

What’s Greentonic you ask? It’s an extension of Bodytonic which focuses on all aspects of being green/reducing waste/energy efficient/environmentally friendly. We want to reduce our waste, remove single use plastic, be environmentally friendly and overall try to make the world a better place.

Here are our steps to a greener festival;


Our use of single-use plastic;
Undoubtedly, the most important issue to tackle regarding waste is the limitation on the use of plastic. Our first step was simple – cutting out all single use plastic on site and limiting our waste output. We’ve got reusable plastic cups which are collected and washed in the same way as glass, biodegradable plastic cups and straws. Our food vendors at Eatyard will be using compostable packaging materials (no ketchup sachets!) and are prepped on food waste separation before the festival.

On site, we’ll have a dedicated #Greentonic team who will be seperating waste throughout the weekend. All biodegradable plastic cups will be washed, stacked and eventually buried.


The #Greentonic leave no trace initiative;
On Sunday of the festival, [and the Monday after it finishes] we’re bringing in a new idea. We will give everyone who volunteers 1 hour of their time to helping us sort out our waste into different recycling categories, a free ticket to the festival that day.

The main issue we have had with waste over the years was not cleaning it up, but organising the waste into the correct containers, and bags, so that nothing gets spoiled, and the waste we put away can be efficiently recycled or wasted in the correct format.


Bin it to Win it;
For the second year running we’ll be brining our Bin it to Win it initiative to Beatyard. Ask for a Bin it bag at the Brewtonic bar, collect any plastic cups you see around the festival. Bring it back to the Brewtonic bar ready to be recycled and have a brew on us!


Waste Disposal;
We’re doing our best to lesson our waste output – but we want you to do your best to. Our bins will be clearly labelled on site, with that can go into each bin. It’s important to us that everyone takes the time to ready what actually is acceptable to go in each bin and if you’re not sure – ask! Our Beatyard/Greentonic crew will be all over the site and are ready to answer any of your questions about waste disposal.

We’re working along with EcoKell for the duration of the festival – they have the same ethos as us on the consumption of single use waste and maximum seperation of waste. We know exactly where our waste will be going and have full transparency that whatever waste we have will be recycled correctly.


The Eco-Brick DJ Riser;
Ecobricks….. The small idea that took over our lives (and The Bernard Shaw!) this Summer. It started with a simple thought that we go through massive amounts of non-biodegradable waste within our bars. We’ve reduced our usage as much as we can, but some of it you just can’t avoid. That’s why when we heard of Ecobricks we knew we HAD to try em’ out.  Soon enough we had literally HUNDREDS of Eco Bricks. They’re in every knuck and cranny we could fill.

So naturally we built a DJ riser out of them and we’re bringing it to Beatyard – #Greentonic DJ’s anyone? The Eco-Brick riser will be beside the Big Blue Bus and Brewtonic Bar – so if you gave us one of your Eco Bricks make sure to check it out. You can read up on our other Eco Brick bits here.



Of course Beatyard is only one weekend of our year, and we know to actually make an impact we need to be as green as possible at all times. To keep up to date with our other Greentonic ventures after Beatyard ends, including our multiple GYO gardens and our Eco-Brick art plea read our Greentonic blog over on the Bodytonic site here.