The famous Big Blue Bus serving up the best pizza

The best from the west when it comes to burgers, the Handsome Burger crew have recently taken Dublin by storm with their set up at our Eatyard in Portobello. Their sea salt & rosemary fries are to die for!

2019 Best Burger in all of Ireland!

Sweet & delicious crepes!

Emporium is a collaborative pop-up shop and gallery that showcases Dublin’s best young designers and streetwear brands. Providing a platform for local design, Emporium has been popping-up around Dublin since early 2018. At each event you can expect to find a wide range of garments from a diverse group of brands centering around a streetwear style.

Diamond Piece
Pavements Grey
Cruiser Clothing
Arnold Park Studios

Scotts Irish Cider is a natural artisan Irish cider, made in County Cavan, Ireland. It is a family business with all family members involved.

Scotts Irish Cider is a delicious and beautifully blended cider with a crisp and refreshing apple taste. This
sophisticated cider is handcrafted to ensure its superiority and opulence.

One of our favourite vendors in Dublin. Buttercream Dream were with us at Eatyard last year and they’re making an appearance at Beatyard this year & we’re very excited!

5 Lamp’s goal is to offer Irish beer which while hand crafted and produced using only natural ingredients is also accessible and easy drinking and provides a real alternative to the commercially produced international lagers available in Ireland.

the biggest selection of sweets you can get!

Pizza in a cone you say? Never seen before at Beatyard this year!

Doghouse make serious dogs & fries. Choose from their Buffalo Dog, Chilli Dog, Danish Dog or Chicago Dog, all made from local meat, fresh baps and seasonal toppings.