Icarus (DJ Set)

If you know anything about house music then you’re bound to have come across Tom and Ian Griffiths’ sensualistic disco-matic sound. These Bristol based boys have been slamming the decks with some of the strongest creative and cerebral four-to-the-floor music for close to four years now.

Their sound cultivates an exclusive hold on a vintage sound. Providing music lovers with something almost ethereal, yet passionately illusory. With beefy attention to basslines, sided with some of the most faultless vocal mixing in the genre, Icarus is swimming leagues ahead of any other talent in house music to date. Their latest release ‘Love Has Come Around’ embodies a euphoric disco-tinged appeal matched to some intriguing production elements. Sampling the early 80’s Donald Byrd cut of the same name, it applies a neat twist to an instantly infectious hook.

These Bristol boys are ever expanding and evolving in their approach to creating a topnotch house music sound that is manifested with each new release. It’s easy to come to the conclusion that Icarus has established themselves as incredibly talented producers, DJs, and lab

el bosses.