Banter is as proud as punch to be back at The Beatyard

The long running series of public interviews and discussions will be in situ in the Ferry Terminal on Saturday and Sunday afternoons with a full serving of talks and conversations on everything from sport, politics and culture to fashion, music and activism

We’ll be talking to Eoin Devitt from Second Captains about the rise and rise of their media empire. We’ll hear from DJ supreme Kelly-Ann Byrne about the soundtrack of her life. And we’ll find out from Sinead O’Shea about the making of her award-winning documentary A Mother Brings Her Son To Be Shot.

There will also be discussions on art and censorship in Ireland today, Irish feminism post-Repeal, the high cost of fast fashion, a Dublin Inquirer-curated panel on the role of local media and the current state of the game in streetwear and much more.

More to be added, including a number of one on ones with some of the stars of the show at Beatyard 2018